Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making this sink in...

These words are so true, but the actual life application is difficult, one I'm working on. I'm thinking of printing out this quote and posting it all over my house this week.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Rough Day

It's been a long week. A cold, long week. With record low temps, Gabe and I have been inside for most of the week. Coupled with the cold temperature has been Gabe's cold (as in stuffy nose). Maybe it's not a cold. Teething? Who knows. Anyhow, he hasn't been himself. It's been a tough week for me, as he hasn't slept well and when he has been awake, he's only wanted to be held. It's hard to work from home when you're constantly holding a little insomniac.

I know I've written posts about the glorious days of motherhood, the ones where I simply can't believe I get the amazing opportunity to be a mother...

Today is not one of those posts. I'm allowed to vent here too. I'm just being honest.

Yesterday, I was feeling like the walls were caving in around us. Even my dog Stuart felt the same. So, I loaded Gabe and Stu into the car (layers and all) and decided to run some mindless errands. It was my hope that Gabe would fall asleep in the backseat, leaving Stu and I to enjoy the quiet.

False. No such luck.

I stopped at the recycling center, got gas for the car, and was on my way to the automatic car wash (My life of luxury, friends. Be jealous). As I pulled up to the car wash bay, I saw Gabe's eyes fall shut.


I pulled into the bay and the water began hitting the windshield. My quiet peace was ever so short-lived as Stu, in the backseat, began to flip out. Having forgotten that my neurotic boxer had yet to ride through an automatic car wash, I reached back to pet him to calm him (and to hopefully, keep him quiet so Gabe wouldn't wake up).

After a few failed attempts at curtailing psycho dog, things really went down hill. I'll spare you the details but please picture this: dog vomit on the interior of my car, a crying baby, and me, sitting in the front seat, driving home at warp speed to clean in inside of my now outwardly shining Subaru. Oh the irony.

Last night, after putting Gabe to sleep, I poured a large glass of wine and sat in the bathroom. Alone. After about twenty minutes, I was a new woman.

Today, I'm thankful for new mornings, Pinot Noir, carseat upholstery cleaner, and my God (not in that order).

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"A nose only a mother could love"

Growing up, anytime I had a cold, I remember my mom looking at my snotty, wet nose saying, "Well, that is a nose only a mother could love!"

I totally get that now! Gabe has his first cold and is a snotty mess. He can't breathe when he's eating and has even woken himself from sleep through his own loud snores! Poor guy!

I used to look at little kids' snotty noses and think: Eww. Gross.

I look at Gabe's nose and love him more! Yep. A nose only a mother could love!