Monday, November 30, 2015

FET Done!

I am so sorry I haven't written to update you on the FET process. It has been a crazy past week for sure!

Monday 11/23 was our transfer. All went well. We transferred in one, grade AA embryo.

Between decorating for Christmas, celebrating Thanksgiving, and learning my lines for our church Christmas musical, this past week has flown by. It seems though, that time is standing still today. I have one week until I go for my blood work pregnancy test.

Did I break down and buy pregnancy tests at Rite Aide yesterday? YES. Have I taken any? Yes. And... nothing.

I know it is early. I know I am mental about peeing on sticks. It's like torture for me. I DON'T want to know that it didn't work while simultaneously, I WANT to know if it did!

Chris is staring at me each day, analyzing me. I feel like I am under a microscope. I am glad he's in the woods hunting today. He needed some time away from the nuthouse.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Lining Check

I drove to the Harrisburg office this morning for a quick ultrasound and blood work appointment. The doctor there said my lining looked "Gorgeous" and measured 12 mm (anything about 8 mm is best). Good news. Now waiting for the call to see when I add in the progesterone shots into the mix. Transfer is still set for a week from today.


Though we have been "doing IVF" for a while now, I am still amazed at the reality of a tiny, little human being placed in my belly. Even at five days old, the miracle of life is beautiful, inspiring, scary... hard to put in words.

I've crammed my calendar full for the next fews weeks, with the hope that in the two-week-waiting period before a pregnancy test, I won't go completely insane.

I almost feel like even writing these words, I'm putting the cart before the horse. It feels like so long since we've gotten this far along in the process. Actually, thinking about it, it's been three years since Gabe's transfer. 

I just can't forget all of the wonderfully terrifying emotions that accompany a ride on the fertility train.

I came across an article "My Arms Are No Longer Empty, But My Heart Will Never Forget" posted by a friend this week. It speaks to the reality that infertility never really leaves you, even if you have ten kids in tow. Even if your family is complete.

And in my "I won't forget" promise to other women waiting for motherhood, I promise never to forget to point to a God who walks right with me even when I doubt. Who loves me exactly where I am, and smiles at my Type A nervous energy. He knows me. He loves me. His plan for me is perfect, even when it seems fuzzy and confusing to me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chugging along!

The estrogen shots are going well. I get one every three days. These inter-muscular injections are easiest I've taken so far; that could because my rump is well padded! Chris is a pro at giving injections by now too, so that helps.

I head to Shady Grove next Monday to have my uterine lining checked. Then, that night, I will add the progesterone injections to be taken each night until the transfer.

 If all looks good we return on 11/23 for embryo transfer!

Also, I wanted to promote a devotional that has been a HUGE help to me. The words on each page are authentic, insightful and offer so many valuable illustrations to help anyone struggling through a WAIT. This devotional intentionally places you in the Word and provides commentary to help you decipher how God may be calling you to use your waiting time.