Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It's crazy that, with a three month old, I am already thinking about getting pregnant again. Many people have asked: Do you think you'll do IVF again? I think the real question is: Do we think we will have to do IVF again?

Of course I want to get pregnant naturally. Any person who has struggled with infertility still considers that the ultimate success--- pregnancy without any medical intervention! Of course, if medical intervention is needed, we will most certainly be doing IVF again.

Timeline, you ask?

In a weird way, 3 months post delivery, I miss being pregnant. WHAT!? you say? I miss the excitement of a baby on the way-- I miss the feeling of a baby moving around in there:)

Then, I have moments (at 2 AM or at 2 PM-- when Gabe should be sleeping at night or napping in the day but IS NOT) that I think: Are you crazy!? Could you imagine doing this with a toddler running around? While I have no doubt it will be crazy, we are planning to get pregnant again as soon as I am healed enough from the C-section, and as soon as we have paid off the fertility loan we needed in order to do IVF round one.

My local doctor said that women whom have had C-sections should wait at least one year before getting pregnant again, as the uterus must heal completely before it has to handle carrying another baby.

You know me--- Miss Plan-My-Life-Out. Nothing has really changed there--- I still like to have a plan, even if I know that it will change.

The real question here is: Do I trust God with the outcome, whatever it is? Will we get pregnant on our own? Will IVF work a second time? Will Gabe be our only child?

I know. I know: Focus on the here and now. Focus on Gabe. Don't be greedy--- love up that chunker, even when he isn't sleeping and is a crankaponomous. Love him now. Appreciate NOW.

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