Friday, February 14, 2014


I know I haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry for that.

I know you know I've been busy with Gabe and work and Chris and life...

I was telling my mom the other day, "Wow, this is the most tired I've ever been in my life." And what's funny was that Gabe had actually slept through the night the night before. The tired of which I was speaking was not a sleep deprived tired, but more of a mentally drained, physically exhausted, need-to-sit-in-silence-for-at-least-ten-minutes tired.

This past week alone I lost my car keys and my cellphone. Yes, it appears I am 89 years old. After three days of using the spare car keys and getting into the house using the garage door opener, I found my keys. In the bottom of the diaper bag. The exact place I had looked thirteen times for them.

Two days later, when Gabe was down for his afternoon nap (YES- hello! He naps for at least 1 hour now!! Major breakthrough!) I realized I hadn't checked my phone all day. It wasn't on my nightstand. It wasn't on any visible surface around the house. Hmm. Where could it be? I called it using our house phone, hoping to hear it ringing or vibrating somewhere. And then... I remembered it was on silent.

The next afternoon, I found it. In Gabe's sock drawer. 

Whilst my brain cells may be deteriorating, my heart is full. I fall asleep each night before ten (not kidding) exhausted in a new way I've never experienced. 

The phone conversation with my mom about my exhaustion ended with her saying, "You know, I remember that feeling. I remember those YEARS. Looking back now, I see what a treasure they were."

Something for me to keep in mind. Hopefully I can remember do to so! 

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