Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bucky Beaver

Wondering where this post is going? :)

Well, it appears that Gabe's new front teeth are serving a purpose beyond his time in the highchair. He clearly chews on anything, and I mean anything. A few days ago, Chris entered the nursery only to meet Gabe, standing tall, chewing on his crib. White paint chips were splattered across his face. He legitimately took notches out of the crib.... I don't know if Gabe is trying to tell us he needs more fiber, or perhaps we should start letting him chew on Stuart's dog toys?

To reduce the beaver tooth action, I folded some towels and taped them around the crib rails. It looked awful and it was only a few days until Gabe had figured out how to pull/distort the towels, which made the crib, believe it or not, look even worse.

Yesterday, I broke down and bought crib rail teething-pad-thingys, as pictured below. They tie and fit all different types of cribs. They are machine washable and don't look too shabby either.

The little stinker, smiling for the camera.

It's only been 24 hours, but they are holding up well! Gabe's once angelic nursery is now switching into survival mode---- Can the nursery survive this kid?!

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