Thursday, March 28, 2013

Literal Nursery Highlights

Last weekend, the weather was gross, dull, and cold. We didn't have anything on the calendar so we decided to tackle the nursery walls. When we moved in last summer, the walls were a deep royal blue/navy; we knew we would need several coats of paint to cover the darker color. 

I had been thinking of a neutral color in the green or blue family, a color that could work with pinks and purples or more blues in greens depending on the baby's gender. 

We love Fink's paint store, not just because of their quality paints, but because we like to support local, family-owned businesses. We took a few minutes to check out the paint samples. Chris, who rarely has an opinion related to decorating, picked a yellowish green color. I didn't hate it and thought, I should actually jump on the fact that he voiced his opinion as opposed to his normal, "Sure. Yep. That's good. Whatever you think..."

We picked up the paint and headed back home. Because Chris is such an 80s music fan, we turned on Pandora to the 80s station and got to work. I think Chris was hoping that the music would seep through to the baby in utero; one more 80s fan in the making.

 The first coat, because we were painting a yellowish green color on top of a dark blue, yielded a nasty, neon, citron -type color. It was awful. In my mind, I was secretly hoping that the second coat would fix the sins of the first. It didn't.

I didn't want to voice my displeasure about the color because I wasn't sure if Chris thought it actually looked good. Much to my relief, he affirmed that the new color "looked something like the color that construction workers or nighttime runners wear to avoid being hit by cars." Yep. Bright yellow/green was not exactly what I was going for; the color did not say tranquil nursery. Instead it screamed I am so bright you can still see me with the lights off! 

The next day, we headed back to Finks and purchased another gallon of paint. This time, we opted for a light, pastel sage green. The color is leaps and bounds more appealing than that of the previous highlighter green/yellow.

I wish I would have taken a before/after photo to post, but in reality, your eyes are better for me not having done that.

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