Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hedge Trimming and Pregnancy

I love to be outside working in our yard, and that's a good thing considering we have much work to be done! When we moved into our house last summer, the property had many jungle-like qualities. Since that time, we have mowed, weed-wacked, cut down trees, dug up stumps... the list goes on and on.

We have a hedge row that borders the front of our property. Yesterday, while giving the hedges a late spring trim, a man walks by me and says, "Wow. A pregnant woman using a hedge-trimmer. Now that is scary!"

I wanted to say, "Not as scary as it will become in .2 seconds if you don't stop staring at me!"

That's right. Keep walking. Nothing here to see.


  1. I have some evergreen trees in my back yard that I've been trimming and shaping to keep small, and I was just wondering if I will be able to use my hedge trimmer for this purpose come Fall (I'll be about 20 weeks or so pregnant when I plan to trim the trees again)... how pregnant were you when you were using your hedge trimmer?

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