Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chugging along!

The estrogen shots are going well. I get one every three days. These inter-muscular injections are easiest I've taken so far; that could because my rump is well padded! Chris is a pro at giving injections by now too, so that helps.

I head to Shady Grove next Monday to have my uterine lining checked. Then, that night, I will add the progesterone injections to be taken each night until the transfer.

 If all looks good we return on 11/23 for embryo transfer!

Also, I wanted to promote a devotional that has been a HUGE help to me. The words on each page are authentic, insightful and offer so many valuable illustrations to help anyone struggling through a WAIT. This devotional intentionally places you in the Word and provides commentary to help you decipher how God may be calling you to use your waiting time.


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