Friday, January 11, 2013


This morning we had our first appointment at Susquehanna OBGYN. We met with a sweet, experienced nurse named Virginia. For about an hour, we went over everything we did to get pregnant, and then she took my medical history. She had so many questions about Shady Grove and about the meds and procedures we completed prior to today's visit. She was sensitive and funny; all in all, a good visit.

We thought that today would also entail an ultrasound but our nurse told us that we hadn't been scheduled for one. Normally ultrasounds are done every four weeks and since most couples start at 8 weeks, then 12, then 16 etc. we were not scheduled for one. Technically, I am 11 weeks and a few days.

BUT- I think she saw the looks on our faces when we realized we were not going to be able to see the baby today. She sat us down in the waiting room, grabbed another nurse, and then brought us back to "have a quick ultrasound" to see the baby.

Today, the baby was doing somersaults in my womb! It was hysterical to see him/her jumping and moving around. He/she moves like an actual living thing. Fingers and toes, arms and legs! Below is a picture that is fuzzy (it's a picture of a picture of a picture so you get the point).

We go back next week for a few tests that have to be completed on Week 12 (which really is only in a few more days, but our appointment is next Friday) and then we will go back every four weeks until week 28.

God is good. As Chris says, "It's still in there!"

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