Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The God of Time

I was praying with a friend today and during her prayer she said, "God is the God of Time."

Of course we know that God controls the events of our lives and orchestrates the pieces and people within our days purposefully. Have I heard God being called the God of Time before? I'm sure I've heard the reference but have not ever really paused long enough to consider it fully.

We want to be our own Dictators of Time. We want control and we want events to happen we we think they should. Oh how God must shake His head when he sees us attempting to string together the days and months ahead of us.

But what we have to remember is there is so much we don't know, that we don't see. God's provision and care for us extends further than the promotion at work we think we need or the new car we want to put our tax return money towards. His provision is so great, yet so infinitesimal that we often miss it. 

His provision is seen in each tick of the second hand, in each near-miss on the drive home, each purposeful placement of a person of encouragement in our grocery store line at 11:37 AM on a Tuesday.

He's the God of Time--- time past, time present, time future.

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