Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I am trying to judge if I am just a cold-hearted, unromantic, non-creative creature, OR if Valentine's Day can really just be lame. Wait, no. It's not the day that's lame; it's the people who call each other, text each other, tweet each other, and Facebook post each other with photos of roses, chocolates, and love notes from significant others. 

Here's the thing-- no one is posting or texting or communicating to their spouses or significant others. No, that would make sense. They are posting to the WORLD on social media. They are one-upping each other left and right with tales of Valentine's Day gifts. That makes me want to puke.

I mean, I'm not anti-love. Love is a great thing. It's addictive, fulfilling, humorous, and requires commitment. And by commitment I mean that each couple must work to attain their best marriage and best relationship DAILY. Not one a day a year.

I'm all about bragging up my husband. Have I told you lately he's awesome? Maybe I should boast more of the man who strives to make me laugh daily and who legitimately looks to my needs before his. 

I don't need the world to know all of the ways that my 365-day-Valentine-husband rocks. But he needs to know he does and it's ME who should be telling him.

I admit that I can take for granted his sensitive nature and the way that he totally does not act like "the typical guy." Sometimes he gets in trouble for setting the bar so high. If he happens to do something that is slightly "typical-guy-ish" I get upset. I tell him, "You're the one who set the bar! Blame no one but yourself!'  

I am not anti-Valentine's Day. I do like the way it sparks people to communicate the awesomeness of their spouses (even if they post it on social media. Sigh). Conversely, I don't like the "show" of the day itself. The only person who needs to know that you adore him is your husband (not your Facebook friend that you haven't had a conversation with in three years).  

I won't lie though, I did buy the Valentine's Day conversation hearts. I am a sucker for those every year. I'll spring for the .39 cent box. Each year I think they are going to taste good and they never do.

Oh well, I guess I too am a sucker for hearts in a cute box, even if I've never uttered any of those heart phrases to my husband without sarcasm or laughter of some kind.

Maybe I should string them together and make a meaningful phrase:

UR KIND and I' think it would BE GOOD if you would feed me and MY BABY (in my stomachmore food; we would LOVE YOU to make something SO FINE for dinner.

I'm sure Chris would love that.

Gotta run. I'm hungry. Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

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