Saturday, August 31, 2013

3 Weeks Out

It's hard to believe that Gabe is three weeks old--- in some ways, it feels like he has just always been here. In other ways, he is still so new and we are still adjusting. The biggest adjustment for me is the complete lack of a schedule. I am a schedule person; I like to know what is going to happen and when. Right now, Gabe's not really in a sleep pattern or routine; the only thing that is predictable is that he likes to eat and is happy when he's eating.

Chris and I are learning to help each other and work as a team (not always flawlessly). Before Gabe, I knew we were Team Knipe. We were good at dividing and conquering. However, dividing and conquering is easy to do when each member of the team is well rested. When team members lack sleep, it's much more difficult to communicate needs and be sweet to each other. (We're working on it!)

Post-Gabe, Team Knipe does different tasks, tasks that we've never done together before: diapering, rocking, singing, soothing, burping... Further, these tasks occur at all times of day and night--- and I think that is another adjustment. I don't think we've ever valued sleep so much! A 15 minute power nap to us is equivalent to winning the lottery these days.

Also golden, is time out of the house:This week, Chris's Jeep took a dive. For a few days, he took my car, leaving me at home with Gabe. Gabe was not the problem for me. The problem was being stuck in the house, with Gabe practically attached to my chest, day and night. I didn't realize that I was loosing my mind until it was almost too late. Yesterday, we drove out to my parents' house and I sat in the sun and talked to my mom for about an hour. After, I felt like a new person! Lesson learned: anticipate the cabin-fever feeling and prevent it by communicating to your spouse that you need out! You need sunshine and interaction with other humans---It's amazing what some sun and adult conversation can do; even though the conversation focused on Gabe, it was still refreshing.

My incision/stomach is still sore, but it is healing. Give me another three weeks, and I hope to be able to walk more than a few blocks!

All in all, Team Knipe, all three of us, are doing well!

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