Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Here's the "plan" Stan

Warning: This post might be TMI for some (however, I promised I would outline everything in the IVF/pregnancy/delivery process, so here are some more vivid, kind of gross details of the process):

I had an appointment yesterday where they checked to see if I had progressed any further. Not really, they said. The baby's heart rate was still in the low 140s and he/she appears to be really liking life in my uterus! All of my vitals are still good and within normal, so they did  not feel pressed to induce me on the spot.

The midwife we had yesterday got us scheduled for "cervical ripening" and induction for later this week. Joy!

While I am not thrilled at the prospect of having to have my labor started in a somewhat unnatural manner, I am happy to know that SOMETHING will be happening! We will go to the hospital Thursday afternoon for a few hours for Cervidil and maybe the Foley balloon. If nothing happens, they will send us home for the night, and then we would come back in at 6AM Friday for Pitocin and hopefully, a baby!

My midwife yesterday stripped my membranes with the hope of getting the ball rolling. Almost 24 hours later, I can report that I've had cramping but nothing more.

So today is Tuesday, 8/6/13. Maybe by 8/9/13, we will have a baby. I hope so!

I was encouraged by the fact that the doctor's office did not want me to schedule another check-up appointment--- hopefully that is their sign of confidence that a baby will be born soon!

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