Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Missing Med Panic

We had such a crazy night last night. Let me start from the beginning: 

I knew I was running out of injections (Follistim) on Monday morning, so the specialty pharmacy was overnighting them to me so I would get them by last night at 5 PM. Well, 5 PM came and no meds from FedEx. We called them and found out that the meds were in a shipping container in NJ! There was a delay and they couldn't do anything about it.

Without the meds, I would have to cancel the cycle and all the money and time and energy would be wasted...

I of course, started crying and freaking out. Chris was too and it was just not pretty. We called all the pharmacies in our area and none of them had the med on hand because it is a specialty med and only specialty pharmacies can issue it....

Next, we called the on-call doctor. She asked if I had any leftover meds from previous cycles. I did have a box of a few meds in a closet, but they were not the same ones I was taking this round. She asked me to go get the box and list each med one by one to her. Apparently, I did have a generic brand of the meds (Bravelle) that I could take to replace the ones that didn't arrive via FedEx. The issue was, did I have enough in the leftover box to actually make it work?

She told me I needed 6 vials to take last night and 4 vials to take this morning to equal what my body needed. She said I needed 10 vials of the generic med to prevent a canceled cycle. 

I looked down and there were exactly 10 vials of the meds in the box that I almost threw away a few months back. 10 vials. Exactly what we needed. 

I am still in awe of God this morning! And I'm crying. Again. Amazed at Him.

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