Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Frozen Embryo Transfer Schedule

It's been a few weeks since I've posted. I wanted to update you all on my FET schedule.

I started birth control 10 days ago (I know. Weird. My nurse says that birth control helps settle everything down, and now that we don't care what my ovaries do or produce, we can use birth control to help us get my uterus on track for transfer).

I have two more days of birth control to take. Then, I will go in on 11/2 (Monday) for a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork, just to ensure that there are no cysts and that everything is good to go.

I'll start progesterone shots that night. Admittedly, I need to do more research on frozen embryo cycles because I don't know much! The progesterone shots are supposed to create a good lining in my uterus, preparing it well for the embryo.

I have an 11/16 ultrasound and bloodwork check up, and then our actual transfer day is set for 11/23. 

Only three total office visits for a frozen embryo transfer! 

We have three embryos that are frozen, but we plan to transfer only one in at a time. Here's to hoping there's a 2016 baby in our future.

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