Friday, October 26, 2012

The Drugs are Here

My fertility medications/shots came today via Fed Ex. Just in case you were wondering what $5,543 of medication looks like, check this out: 

As I take the meds, I will update you as to what each is specifically. I'll also let you know how each is taken. 

I am not afraid of the needles or side effects; I am afraid that I will miss a dose or mess up the drug progression. Shady Grove gave me a chart with all of that information on it, so that does make me feel a bit better. 

It's funny. Today I've had a song from one of my childhood Agape Fellowship church musicals stuck in my head. It is a catchy tune, one that can be borderline annoying. The key verse from the tune is Philippians 4:13: 

"I can do anything through Him who gives me strength."

I'm guessing God doesn't think He's annoying me with it today... He's just reminding me that I'm not alone.

 More updates to come soon.

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