Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two heads are better than one... right?

Last night, Chris and I met in the kitchen to get all of my meds ready. I am currently taking Menipur and Follistem- two injectable ovary stimulating hormones. I am supposed to take them each night before bed. Talk about a fun routine! While we did sit through an injection class at Shady Grove two weeks ago, apparently we forgot what we "learned". 

We picked through all the meds the pharmacy sent to find the Follistem and Menipur. The Follistem was pretty easy to get ready-- we just put the vial into the shot pen and dialed up to 225 miligrams. The shot didn't hurt at all; the needle was so small I could barely see it!

The Menipur was another story. We had two vials-- one with liquid in it and the other with powder. We mixed the two together. We were supposed to draw 75 miligrams from the mixed vial. To be honest, I think there are multiple ways to go about this process; Chris is a firm believer in only ONE right way. He was disinfecting everything with alcohol and was ranting about reading the instructions. We truly are the tortoise and the hare. He is Mr. Slow-And-Steady-Wins-The-Race and I am Hurry-Up-And-Get-It-Done! 

After a ten minute debate about proper injection protocol, we located the correct needle for the Menipur shot. The needle was so much bigger than the Follistem needle. The shot burned during injection, but it only lasted a minute or two. 

Each night, I am going to alternate which side I inject into so that my stomach won't be too sore. No one told me to do this, but I feel like it makes sense.

I have no doubt that mixing and administering the shots will get easier, especially now that Chris has written down a step by step guide for his own reference (diagrams included). I'm not kidding.

Where did I find this guy? :) 

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