Monday, April 27, 2015

7 Days Post Transfer

If I had actually had a pregnancy test in this house this morning, I would have taken it. Not because I feel pregnant or anything, but just because I am starting to get a little jittery about this IVF cycle's outcome. The distraction of springtime and a toddler is helping, however. This weekend we worked around the house and played outside with Gabe. Glorious. It was the first weekend in over two months where I didn't have any appointments in Philly or Harrisburg to get to; it was nice to be in one place, enjoying each day with my family.

Every few hours, the embryo(s) in my belly would resurface to my mind, and I'd get sidetracked, wondering how/if things are progressing in there...

Googling "7 days post a 5 day embryo transfer" brings up MANY results; most of which are posts from hopeful mothers, looking for some sign or confirmation that at 7 days post transfer, that they are pregnant. Nothing really scientifically proven.

As far as my physical feelings 7dpt, not much feels different than any other day. I did have some slight pain on both my sides (kind of like ovary pain?) yesterday and still a bit this morning. It's the first physical anything that I've felt since transfer day. But who knows what this could actually mean? Google results are contradictory and inconclusive. Shocker.

I'm thinking that I'll take a test on Wednesday, if I actually have the nerve to go buy one and actually take it. I want to know the outcome here, but there is also mental safety in the unknown. For now.

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