Thursday, April 30, 2015

10 days post transfer

The sun and warmer weather has been so welcomed this week! I spent the day outside yesterday with Gabe. We went for a really long walk and then played in his playhouse in the yard for hours. Literally. Somehow, being squished into a toddler playhouse, blowing bubbles, one forgets her stressors:)

Chris and I have the weekend planned out with lots of yard work and together time. It's how we handle stress. I can plant a garden and hack down weeds, bushes, and trees. I can do that. It's within my control. And right now, it feels good to be able to see results of my efforts, on my own terms.

Still not feeling incredibly optimistic about Monday's blood work. I think I'll take another pregnancy test this weekend, just so I have a little bit more preparation, a bit more advanced warning.

I did wake up to some spotting this morning. Sorry, TMI, but just keeping it real. Not sure what it means though.

Off to grade papers and get some school work done. Pandora turned up and a cup of coffee in hand are getting me off on the right foot today!

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