Monday, November 12, 2012

And then there were five

We received a call from the embryologist this morning giving us a time for tomorrow's transfer: 11:30. I am glad it's not super early as we can now sleep at our house and drive down in the morning in the light! This might be our first morning trip not in complete darkness.

The science behind choosing which embryo(s) are best is somewhat above me, however I will try to give you the basics. 

Essentially, each embryo receives a grade on a one to five scale (1= great, 5= not so hot). Embryos get their scores based on symmetry, size, etc. Today, we have four embryos that received grades of 1 (I'm so proud! Ha!) and one that has a grade of a 1.5. Unfortunately, we did loose one embryo over the course of the past  twenty four hours. 

The embryologist discussed our options for tomorrow, not knowing how many embryos we will have prior to the morning transfer. We could still have five, or we could have four, or three, or two. She was positive that we would have at least two remaning, worst case scenario. 

This whole thing is nerve-wracking! Nothing like planning for your future family over the course of twenty four hours! 

The embryologists asked if we wanted to implant one or two embryos. Previously, we were thinking we wanted two, but after discussing the risks with our doctor and my aunt (seasoned labor and delivery nurse) we decided to implant just one. However, learning that we might only have two total embryos to deal with tomorrow, we are thinking we might do two. I don't know. To be honest, our minds change hourly. 

I think my transfer procedure will actually be closer to noon tomorrow, so the embryologist blocked off time for us to sit and chat with her and with Dr. Munabi, the doctor who is doing the transfer (Dr. Sasson is out of town tomorrow:( ). We can't really make a super informed decision regarding the number we want to transfer until we know tomorrow's information. It's not exactly like we can flip a coin on something so huge... 

It's funny-- we always want to take control and dictate what the outcome will be in our lives. We want to make God's decisions for Him. And now, that Chris and I have the ability to make the decision of one or two embryos, one or two babies, we are scared out of our minds. 

As this situation comes to mind today and through the night, I am going to continue to pray for clarity and direction so that we can go into transfer tomorrow at peace. 

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