Tuesday, November 6, 2012


My appointment this morning went well-- my blood work and ultrasound results looked good.

Tonight at 8 PM, I will take my trigger shots--- the shots that will trigger ovulation. Dr. Sasson is using a dual trigger protocol, so I will do a shot of Lupron and a shot of HCG. The ovulation timing is very important with regard to the egg retrieval. I was bummed to hear that I had to go back tomorrow morning (I am getting tired of car rides!) for a quick blood work appointment, just to check my levels post trigger. 

My dad is going to drive me down again though; I am so grateful to him, as he will have taken three days off to chauffeur me back and forth! 

I wish I could just stay down there after my appointment tomorrow, but logistically I can't. If Chris were to drive down after work, we would have two cars in Philly. As I am not able to drive after the procedure on Thursday, two cars would be an issue. So, my dad will bring me home in the early afternoon tomorrow, and then when Chris gets done with work, we will head back down. It's crazy, but hey, at this point, what's another trip!?!

We are going to stay in a hotel a few miles from the clinic tomorrow night. We didn't want the stress of an early wake up and a three hour drive on such an important day! Egg retrieval is set for 7:30 AM on Thursday.

I learned today that after tonight, I won't have to do any more shots! After tonight's triggers, we are done with shots! I will take a precautionary antibiotic but that is it! 

I am not sure if I will be able to post tomorrow, or Thursday for that matter. I am going to try though! 

Here is my disclaimer, however: My nurse told me I will be taking Vicodin for a few days after the procedure, so I'm going to apologize now for any typos or discombobulated verbiage that may occur! 

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