Sunday, November 11, 2012

Embryo Update

Let's start with this: I should have paid more attention in ninth grade biology class when we learned about cell division! Each day since the egg retrieval, Dr. Sasson has called to update us regarding the number and size of the embryos. We can tell the strength of the embryos based on how many times each has divided. The following is a timeline that outlines the information we have received from Shady Grove regarding the embryos:

Basic Timeline

THURSDAY--Egg Retrieval: Thirteen eggs retrieved. The eggs were fertilized Thursday PM.

FRIDAY-- Two eggs were not large enough to fertilize, three did not fertilize at all, so that left us with eight embryos remaining at the very beginning stages of division/growth.

SATURDAY-- Six of the eight embryos were two cell embryos, meaning they divided once. Two of the eight were four cell embryos, meaning they divided twice and were a bit "ahead of the pack". Dr. Sasson advised us that there was a small chance we could be asked to come in on Sunday for a Day 3 transfer, but he said it looked like a Day 5 (Tuesday) transfer would be more likely.

SUNDAY (today)-- Dr. Sasson called at 7AM to let us know that we now have six embryos remaining. All of them are eight cell embryos. This is good! He told us we are going to push for a Day 5 transfer; he said the embryos looked "gorgeous"and that they are chugging along!

It is so strange; I already feel like they are ours. When I hear that an embryo is no longer viable, I honestly feel a bit saddened. I don't even know them, yet I know them. God knows them. Chris and I know them more than parents who conceive babies the traditional way... We have some extra science knowledge on our end. They are teeny tiny specs in a petri dish... but they are inconceivably more to us.

Some of you have asked about my meds: I am now taking estrogen and progesteron three times a day to get my reproductive system restored and back on track. No negative side effects to report to date.

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