Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Final Stretch

Well, we've made it to the final stretch-- one week from today (assuming all goes as planned) I will be undergoing embryo transfer, where two* embryos will be put back in my uterus---  we pray one or both will result in a baby or babies! This week should prove to be a whirlwind, but I am glad for it as I hope I will be so busy that I won't be counting every minute that passes.

This morning, Chris and I woke up early to drive down for another monitoring check up. Thanks to daylight savings time, we did get an extra hour of sleep, but it was still pitch black and about thirty degrees as we pulled out of the driveway. Before I know it, Chris puts in a CD and pumps up the volume--- the theme song from the movie "Rocky" begins to play. 

"We can do this! One more week!" Chris chanted along to the corny, yet motivational music. 

I started laughing immediately. Reason # 498 why I love my husband.

Our check up went more smoothly today. It was Dr. Sasson's weekend off so we had another doctor at Shady Grove. At first, I was nervous because I have become so accustomed to Dr. Sasson. However, I was immediately put at ease as Dr. Munabi walked in, smiling warmly. 

My estrogen levels are rising over 1,000 so that is good. Dr. Munabi checked out my egg supply-- the shots are really working because the eggs are increasing in size and there may be more than previously thought. All in all, Dr. Munabi said we should feel really good about where we are at this point. 

I have to be monitored tomorrow (Monday) and again Tuesday. Because I am tired of driving myself (and because I am getting behing with my work!), my dad is going to serve as my driver for the next two days. He is always a force for comic relief, so I am looking forward to spending twelve plus hours with him in the car. 

It is looking like the egg retrieval will be Thursday; Chris will take off to come with me that day. The nurse gave me a script for Vicodin and told me to fill it prior to Thursday's appointment... I'm not feeling too hot about that prospect, but hey, as my aunt who is a nurse would say, "Better living through drugs!"

Oh and I almost forgot: My meds did get here. The pharmacy that was affected by the hurricane referred us to another pharmacy who overnighted my next batch of shots. All is well in hormone-ville. 

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