Friday, November 30, 2012

Expectant Mother Parking

My HCG numbers (the pregnancy hormone) are continuing to steadily rise. I am definitely still pregnant! 

I talked with Dr. Sasson on Wednesday and Chris and I are going to head down for an ultrasound next Friday, December 7th to check up on our baby or babies... 

I had few people email me asking me questions about how I feel physically this week. I don't feel any different other than the fact that I've had slight cramping a few times per day (Dr. Sasson says it is my uterus stretching as the uterus grows at a faster rate than the baby) and some spotting (sorry if that is too much info, but I told you I'd keep it real. If spotting happens to you try not to worry too much. Dr. Sasson said that as long as it is just spotting and not heavy bleeding, all is well. The spotting comes from blood vessels popping as the uterus stretches). 

Other than that, I feel totally normal. Well actually above-and-beyond normal as I still smile at the thought of being pregnant! Sorry if this is overkill, but have I said lately that I am in heaven?

Also, tonight Chris and I went to Wegman's and I made him park in the Expectant Mother parking spot. I have been staring at that spot with disgust for the past three years. I don't think I'll be parking there every time I visit Wegman's (well, maybe I might) but tonight it just felt like I had won the battle, sitting in the spot that has haunted me for so long. I know it's just a parking spot, but for me, it is more like a box that we can finally check off in our journey to actually having a family. So take that, stupid parking spot!

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